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CAUTION: Before unpacking and installing the REVO system, the user should carefully read the safety instructions below and ensure that they are followed at all times by all operators.

The RSP3 range of probes is only to be used with the Renishaw REVO head.

Operators must be trained in the use and application of the REVO system and accompanying products, in the context of the machine it is fitted to, before being allowed to operate that machine.

Permanent magnets are used in some components of the REVO system and associated products. It is important to keep them away from items which may be affected by magnetic fields, e.g. data storage systems, pacemakers and watches etc.

RSP3 LED emissions

The RSP3 range of scanning probes incorporate embedded high power LED sources and should not be used in the event of serious damage to, or rupture of, any part of the RSP3. In such cases IMMEDIATELY disconnect the power source, remove and do not attempt to re-use the parts. Contact your supplier for advice.

RCP TC-2 and RCP TC-3

The method of interrupting power is to disconnect the power cable or turn off the supply.