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Manually mounting / removing the stylus holders from RSP3 probes

The range of RSH3 stylus holders have a kinematic coupling to the RSP3 probes, which provides a repeatable connection that eliminates the need for probe requalification after a change. The change can be carried out either manually, or fully automatically by using the FCR25 flexible change rack (for RSH3-1 / 2 / 3 / 4) or RCP2 (for the RSH3-6 range). The RSH3 stylus holders are designed to only to fit with their respective scanning module. Incorrect combinations are prevented by the orientation ball in the kinematics.

To manually mount or remove the stylus holder from the RSP3 probe you need to:

  1. Align the front sides of the probe with the stylus (making sure that the alignment marks line up).
  2. Carefully align the stylus holder and the probe, allowing the magnetic attraction to gently connect the kinematic joints.
  3. Gently rotate the stylus holder to ensure correct location.
  4. To remove, securely hold the probe, gently tilt the stylus holder to break the kinematic joints.

Manually mounting removing the stylus holders from RSP3 probes

The REVO probe change system is designed to allow automatic REVO probe and stylus holder changing on a CMM. The primary purpose of the system is to improve flexibility with the ability to use and store longer styli and large star stylus configurations.

For optimum metrology, REVO probes and stylus holders should be changed automatically using REVO change ports (RCP TC-2, RCP TC-3 and RCP2) and a flexible change rack (FCR25). These ports are mounted on the modular rack system (MRS2).