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SPA - A and B (RJ45 socket)

SPA2-2 comms connection

The comms link between the UCC BI and the SPA2-2 is made using two RJ45 cables (P-CA82-0017) provided in the SPA2-2 kit.

  • The UCC BI port SPA-A should be connected to the SPA2-2 port SPA-A
  • The UCC BI port SPA-B should be connected to the SPA2-2 port SPA-B

If the provided RJ45 cables are not used then the cables should be no longer than 1000 mm in length, CAT 5E and shielded.

UCC BI to SPA2-2 with MCU.

NOTE: If 4th axis is required, the SPA2-2 will require the daughtercard interface kit: A-5402-8103.

Dual UCC BI interconnection

Dual UCC BI installations require a special E-STOP cable (Renishaw part number A-5208-0011). This cable has three tails, all marked with their function, and must be installed as per the diagram below.

MCU, RS232, PICS, servo power amplifier / E-STOP cable and machine I/O should be connected to UCC BI 1.

NOTE: E-STOP cable (Renishaw part number A-5208-0011) is supplied only with the SPA2-2 dual, dc, and linear kits.

CAUTION: The capability to use the UCC BI in a dual SPA system or a system using absolute scales is not yet available, please contact CMM support for further information.

UCC BI interconnection diagram - dual with MCU