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Frequently asked questions

If you need a question answering, select the relevant links below to view the frequently asked questions.

General questions

Q: Is there an extended warranty available?

A: Yes, in some markets a product called Premium Support Cover is offered which offers crash protection insurance plus a warranty extension to three years. Contact your Renishaw Service Centre for details.

Q: What do I do if I crash my probe accidentally?

A: Contact your Renishaw Service Centre

Q: Is a non-contact tool setting probe more accurate than a contact tool setting probe?

A: Accuracy is subject to the whole machining environment. However, the repeatability of both systems is 1 µm. When selecting a tool setter there are many points that need to be considered.

Q: I can't find a supplier for half AA batteries?

A: Batteries can be ordered from Renishaw, part number P-BT03-0007, 1/2 AA Lithium thionyl chloride (pack of two). Contact your Renishaw Service Centre for details.

If your question hasn't been answered, please contact Renishaw's technical support team.