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CMM setup parameters

On the setup worksheet, the user identifies the CMM with the following fields:

MCG Tools setup parameters



  • This field holds a description of the CMM
  • This field is archived

Serial number

  • This field holds the serial number of the CMM
  • This field is archived

Squareness sign convention

The user selects the sign convention from the dropdown list.  As there are different ways to apply a squareness compensation, that lead to different sign convention, the user can select the convention that corresponds to his machine so the squareness errors compensation value will be presented with the correct sign and therefore could be applied without sign modification.

Scale resolution

  • This field holds the machine scale resolution in mm
  • This is for information only
  • This field is archived

Single point repeatability

  • This field holds the single point repeatability of the CMM
  • This is for information only
  • This field is archived

Accuracy formula

From the dropdown list, the user selects one of the following standards
  • VDI/VDE 2617 U3
  • ISO 10360-2 MPEe
  • ASME B89.4.1

The user can then set up the accuracy formula of his machine.  The maximum admissible error calculated for the MCG arm length will be used to determine whether the machine comply with its formula accuracy during the MCG test.