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Connecting the UCC MMI to a CMM

Switched inputs

Air pressure

The controller monitors the input and will signal to the software if it goes open circuit or high. If not required the input should be connected to the 24 V return line. See 'Generic UCC I/O connector details'.

NOTE: The polarity of this input can be inverted by the UCCassist set up utility. The default condition is a normally closed circuit, opening on the event.

Input blanking

Switching polarity can be adjusted in the software or by using hardware. In UCCassist-2 all inputs can have polarity set to normally open or normally closed.

Pins 13, 14 and 19 - 36 are switchable inputs that are normally open and need to be set to normally closed.

There are two methods for doing this:

  1. Connect each pin to pin 37.
  2. Switch the polarity of inputs using UCCassist-2 commissioning software.

Generic UCC I/O connector

Connecting the UCC to a CMM