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The controller - 24 V supply

This supply is available at both the servo power amplifier connector and the machine I/O connector for use by the CMM signalling circuits. It has an absolute maximum current rating of 1 A.

Please use semiconductors or relays to interface with high power loads or to those which need electrical isolation.

All inputs and outputs (except the optically isolated amp control signals) are referenced to this supply.

It is not a floating supply, the 24 V return line is connected to the controller chassis and to supply 0 V at a star point within the controller.

If there are any interconnections between this supply and any of the CMM supplies, there is a possibility that an additional path to ground may be created.

A separate supply of similar voltage may be used for signalling purposes in place of the controller 24 V supply but its negative rail must be connected to the controller 24 V return line.

Controller output supplies

The UCC MMI produces a +24 V current limited supply with a maximum output current of 1 A.

This supply is available for use by the CMM system to supply status switches, etc.

The UCC MMI also provides protected supplies for other external devices such as scale readheads, the probe, etc.

The supply to the scale readheads is a nominal 5.25 Vdc. It compensates for any cable volt drop.

WARNING: There is no internal fuse on the power supply to the UCC MMI. The installer must provide suitable protection.

The maximum current demand of the UCC MMI is 2.5 A at 24 V.

Connection to an external power supply

  • Remove all power from the installation
  • Connect the UCC MMI power supply P-EA02-0021 to the power input connector on the rear of the UCC MMI
  • Connect the mains power lead to the UCC MMI power supply