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USB connection

The host PC is recommended to have a dedicated USB connection to the UCC MMI. Connection to the UCC MMI through a USB hub causes a reduction in communication speed.

The UCC MMI uses the USB1.1 specification communication link. A 5 m USB cable is provided for this link as part of the UCC MMI kit. Other lengths may be used; the maximum being 5 m which is governed by the generic specification for USB connections.

When the UCC MMI is connected to the PC and power applied to the unit, Windows will automatically detect the new hardware and start the Windows hardware installation wizard.

The Windows hardware installation wizard will automatically identify the correct driver for the UCC MMI. This driver is located on the UCC software installation CD in the drivers' directory.

This is a standard USB type B connector providing the communication connection between the UCC MMI and the PC hosting the application software.