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Encoder connectors

The encoder interfaces are a machine installer configurable option, they permit the connection of digital encoders to the SPA2-2 and UCC2, UCClite or UCC BI system to provide motor feedback for inclusion into the machines control loop.

For further details on these connections please refer to 'Encoder interface' section.

Motor connector

These connections are used for the dc motor connector kit placement or brushless motor.

Axis position 3 is for the additional axis interface card that can be fitted by the machine installer to the SPA2-2 unit.

For further details on these connections please refer to 'Motor connectors' section.

Emergency stop connection

This 9-way D-connector links the emergency stop system between either the SPA2-2 and the UCClite or the SPA2-2 and the MCU1 joystick via the UCC2 or UCC BI controller, the necessary cable for this connection is supplied within the SPA2-2 kit.

SPA, -A, -B, -C, -D connections

These RJ45 connections permit the dedicated servo system communication link between the SPA2-2 and the UCC2, UCClite or UCC BI controller for an effective control system.

NOTE: Connections A and B are used for a three or four axis SPA2-2 system, connections C and D are only used when a six or seven axis system is contained within a single box. Refer to 'Interconnection schemes' section for further details.

External emergency stop connection

This 9-pin D-type connection is designed to permit connection of external emergency stop devices to the Renishaw controller emergency stop system.

Emergency stop devices must meet the requirements of IEC 60947-5-1 (low-voltage switchgear and controlgear - part 5-1: control circuit devices and switching elements - electromechanical control circuit devices) or UL1054 (standard for special-use switches).

The machine manufacturer or product installer must perform a risk assessment to determine the requirements for emergency stopping and emergency switching off. The SPA2-2 emergency stop safety system is designed to achieve category 2 to standard EN954-1:1996 (ISO 13849-1). The risk assessment should therefore have determined that a category 2 safety function is satisfactory.

There are four connection pins available on this connector as shown below. 

SPA2-2 estop circuit

Any additional emergency stop component that is fitted to this connector must have the following electrical characteristics:

Emergency stop system voltage : 24 V

Emergency stop system current : 1 A

NOTE: If the emergency stop reset function is not required then it will be necessary to connect pins 5 and 9 so that when an emergency stop is removed from the system, it will automatically reset. If there are no additional emergency stop devices to be added to a UCC2 or UCC BI controller system, connect pins 6 and 7 to permit the MCU emergency stop switch to function. An external E-STOP must be fitted for UCClite.

It is strongly recommended that all connections be fitted by a competent technician or engineer and that all wires should be sleeved.

It should not be necessary to switch off the SPA2-2 in an emergency but if a requirement is indicated by the user's risk assessment, emergency switching off for the complete machine must be implemented externally to the SPA2-2.

If indicated by the user's risk assessment, a ‘manual reset' button (refer to EN 954-1:1996 para. 5.4) should be included in the emergency stop system.  A reset switch is required when there is limited visibility of the danger zone from the control position.  The reset switch must be positioned outside the danger zone and in a safe position from which it may be determined that no person is within the danger zone before resetting the safety system.