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Fittting SPA2-2 into a 19" rack

The SPA2-2 can be used as a stand alone unit or installed into a 19” rack system.

The dimensions of the SPA2-2 unit are:

  • Width: 440 mm
  • Height: 135 mm
  • Depth: 330 mm

Stand alone

Four self-adhesive rubber feet are supplied with the unit for stand-alone use

Mounting in a 19 in rack

To permit the SPA2-2 to be fitted into a 19 in enclosure, a 3U rack mounting kit (A-1333-0029) is required.

NOTE: The screws supplied with this kit are M5 × 6 mm countersink type. DO NOT replace with longer screws as damage could occur.

The following procedure is recommended to fit the rack mounting brackets to the SPA2-2:

  1. Position the SPA2-2 on a firm flat surface, with either the left or right hand side of the unit placed on the surface and the front of the unit facing towards you.
  2. Remove the blanking plugs from the side of the unit, there are two of these located top and bottom of the enclosure about 15mm from the front lip.
  3. Remove the 3U rack mounting kit from its packaging and place one of the countersunk screws supplied through one of the rack mounting brackets.
  4. Align this screw and mounting bracket assembly to the fixing holes in the side of the SPA2-2 enclosure and fit the screw.  Do not tighten at this point.
  5. Align the other fixing hole in the rack mounting bracket with the fixing hole in the side of the SPA2-2, and fit the other countersunk screw.
  6. Tighten both screws to ensure a secure fixing.
  7. Rotate the SPA2-2 such that the other side of the enclosure can be accessed and then repeat steps 2 to 6.