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System requirements

Electrical requirements

The SPA2-2 is powered from the ac mains supply via a connector to IEC 60320/C14.  The electrical ratings of the unit are as follows:

100 Vac - 240 Vac -15%, +10%47 Hz to 63 Hz750 W maximum
Ensure that a suitable cable is always used that meet the requirements of the above operating conditions.

A standard IEC C13 cable assembly with a current rating of greater than 5 A must be used.

This equipment must be connected to a protective earth conductor via a three core mains (line) cable. The mains plug shall be inserted only into a socket outlet provided with a protective earth contact. The protective earth contact shall not be negated by the use of an extension cable without protective conductor.

Mains input connectorIEC C13 10 amp power connector
NOTE: Ensure the power cord meets the local electrical regulations.
WARNING: Any interruption of the protective conductor may make the equipment dangerous. Make sure that the grounding requirements are strictly observed.
NOTE: An earth stud or thread is provided on all Renishaw controllers and amplifiers to allow bonding of the CMM metal parts to the protective earth. Connect all the Renishaw controller and amplifier earth points to the CMM frame.

The SPA2-2 is isolated from ac power by disconnecting the IEC mains connector on the rear panel. This should be sited within easy reach of the CMM operator. If any additional means of isolation is required, it must be specified and fitted by the machine manufacturer or the installer of the product. The disconnection device must meet the requirements of IEC 61010-1 and any national wiring regulations applicable in the country of installation.

The installer must ensure that adequate mains over-current protection is provided for the controller equipment (UCC and SPA). See the electrical requirements sections of the appropriate installation guides. This must be in accordance with any national wiring regulations applicable in the country of installation.