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Fitting the TDA to the MRS2 rail

The TDA is designed to be fitted onto the Renishaw modular rack system (MRS2).

It is recommended that the TDA is attached to the MRS2 rail using the following procedure, where it is assumed that the MRS2 system is correctly installed. For full details, please refer to the MRS2 modular rack system installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-5255).

1. Insert the fixing screw through the TDA as shown below.

2. Locate the TDA on the MRS2 rail, positioning the fixing screw to the artifact T-nut within the rail and finger-tighten the screw.

NOTE: The thread size for the T-nut for the TDA is M6.
3. Slide the TDA to the correct position on the MRS2 rail.

4. Hand-tighten the fixing screw using a 5 mm hexagonal key.

Fitting TDA to MRS2