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MH20 and MH20i installation

Mounting the shank to the probe head

  • The MH20 and MH20i shanks are factory fitted and are selected by part no. when ordering (see 'Parts list')
  • MH20 shanks cannot be removed


To mount a shank to an MH20i sold without a shank, please observe the following procedure:

  • Hold the shank in the recess on the top face of the MH20i
  • Rotate the shank until four screw holes are aligned
  • Fix the shank in place using only M3 × 5 mm screws (supplied)
  • Progressively tighten with the 2.5 mm A/F hex key (supplied)

Mounting the MH20 and MH20i head to the CMM

The head is normally attached to the CMM quill using a shank to suit the CMM.

For optimum shielding against EM phenomena it is recommended that the shank is grounded to the same electrical ground as the control system.

Custom designed mountings are available, subject to approval from Renishaw's Custom Products Department. Please contact your supplier or Renishaw for further information.

The head mounting must be rigid, as any movement during operation will introduce system measurement errors. If the head is replaced or repositioned in the quill, all head positions in current use must be re-qualified before making further measurements.

NOTE:  Remove plastic cap from kinematic mount prior to attaching a TP20 module. Keep in a safe place for future protection.