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MH20 operation

NOTE:  Ensure thumbwheel is unlocked one full turn before re-orientation. Failure to do this will result in excessive wear to the swivel anodised surfaces. Any wear to the swivel is cosmetic only and does not affect performance.

To change the orientation of the probe:

  • Unlock the head by turning the thumbwheel anti-clockwise one full turn
  • Grip the base of the swivel (avoid touching the stylus or stylus module) and manoeuvre the head to the desired position
  • Lock the head in position by turning the thumbwheel clockwise until tight (do not use excessive force) - the probe is now ready for qualification
  • Qualify the stylus tip whenever the head is re-orientated
  • Qualify the stylus tip(s) according to the CMM supplier's instructions

Periodic re-qualification should be performed according to the following considerations:

  • CMM supplier's recommendations, particularly in respect of temperature changes
  • At the start of the working day or shift
  • After an accidental collision
  • After changing any measuring system component (except a pre-qualified TP20 module)
  • If the initial state is unknown or uncertain
MH20 operation

Replacement thumbwheel

If the thumbwheel is removed and then lost, a replacement can be ordered by quoting part no. A-4043-0120.