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System description

The MRS is designed to provide a flexible platform for Renishaw probe and stylus changing racks.

The system comprises of an extruded aluminium rail mounted to the CMM table by two leg assemblies.  It is available in rail lengths of 400 mm (15.75 in), 600 mm (23.62 in), 900 mm (35.43 in) and 1000 mm (39.37 in) to suit a variety of port and rack changing requirements.  Custom rail lengths are also available.

The MRS can be placed at different heights from the CMM table by using multiples of the MRS standard and heavy duty legs, thus allowing clearance for long styli and extension bars.

The interconnecting MRS legs supplied (four per kit) are each 125 mm (4.92 in) long.  A maximum recommended leg length of 500 mm (19.69 in) can be achieved by purchasing additional legs.  These are available in either 62.5 mm (2.46 in) or 125 mm (4.92 in) lengths.  The combined MRS rack and leg assembly is mounted on the CMM table via two MRS feet (see item 7 in illustration below).  These extend the overall height by 35 mm allowing a maximum clearance of 535 mm between the CMM table and the underside of the MRS rail.

Modular rack system compatibility

The MRS is compatible with the following Renishaw port and change rack systems:

  • ACR3 (autochange rack)
  • FCR25 (flexible change rack)
  • FRC25 TC (thermally controlled flexible change rack)
  • SCP80 (stylus change port for SP80)
  • SCP600 (stylus change port for SP600, SP600M and SP600Q)
  • RCP TC-2 (thermally controlled REVO change port)
  • RCP2 (change port for RSH stylus holders)
  • SFA and SFCP (for REVO surface finish probe)
  • TDA (REVO tip datum artefact)
Components of MRS modular rack system 


  1. MRS rail
  2. Port or rack
  3. Fixing screw
  4. MRS leg
  5. Leg to foot adaptor
  6. Grubscrews
  7. MRS foot
  8. Step-back adaptor
  9. M8 screw

MRS heavy duty legs

Where heavier rack systems or longer styli configurations are used, such as multiple SCP80s or RCP TC-2s, the MRS system can be upgraded by using optional heavy-duty legs that are 60 mm (2.36 in) in diameter and 350 mm (13.78 in) long.  These legs are mounted to the CMM table beneath the standard legs and feet.

Components of heavy duty leg kits


  1. Heavy-duty leg
  2. Leg to foot adaptor and washer
  3. Footplate
  4. Standard MRS leg
  5. Leg to foot adaptor
  6. M8 or M10 screw and washer
  7. Standard MRS foot

NOTE: The MRS heavy-duty leg kit part number is A-4192-0020 and comprises one heavy-duty leg assembly.  Two kits are required for each MRS installation.

MRS adjustable footplates

By using optional MRS adjustable footplates, the MRS rail can be set back on the CMM table to maximise the available working volume of the machine.  The MRS adjustable footplates can be used with both standard and heavy-duty leg arrangements.  Adjustment is set by the footplate bolt hole spacing in increments of 25 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm (0.98 in, 1.97 in, 2.95 in, 3.94 in).



MRS adjustable footplate options  

NOTE: The MRS adjustable footplate kit part number is A-4192-0702 and comprises two footplates.  One kit is required for each MRS installation. 

Step back adaptor

Step back adaptors can be used to set the MRS rail back on the CMM bed to maximise the available working volume of the machine.

A step back spacer is available to allow the RCP TC-2 to fit in front of the MRS leg.

step back adaptor arrangement Key
  1. Standard MRS leg
  2. MRS rail
  3. Step back adaptor
  4. T-nut and screw