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Touch-trigger probe systems introduction

Co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs) have evolved from their origins in simple layout machines and manually operated systems, to highly accurate, automated inspection centres.

A major factor in this evolution has been the touch-trigger probe and other forms of inspection probe, together with subsequent Renishaw innovations such as the motorised probe head and automatic probe exchange system for unmanned, flexible inspection.

It all began with Rolls-Royce engines for the Anglo-French Concorde when a unique solution was required for accurate pipe measurement. The result was the first touch-trigger probe: a 3D sensor capable of rapid, accurate inspection with low trigger forces. From this unique starting point, Renishaw has established a range of precision probes and accessories for CMMs unequalled around the world.

Renishaw's success has been made possible by the close working relationship the company enjoys with CMM manufacturers and users. The market is constantly striving to extend the frontiers of inspection technology. By close liaison throughout the design, development and evaluation processes, Renishaw keeps in step with the market's needs ... and, in many cases, one step ahead.

From the Group's centre of operations in Wotton-under-Edge, Renishaw's products are exported to the world's leading industrialised nations; a fact that has been rewarded by nine Queen's Awards.