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VM11-2 vision module

  • VM11-2 vision moduleThe VM11-2 vision module can be used for inspecting features or holes that are typically 0.4 mm or larger, with a maximum field of view of 10 mm × 12.5 mm
  • Typical applications for the VM11-2 module include laser drilled cooling holes in aerospace engine blades and components


VM11-2 dimensions

NOTE: Dimensions in mm (in).


0.4 mm or larger diameter holes / features
Target applications
Jet engine combustors (tiles); arrays of multiple parts (can be more than 100,000 holes per part)
Field of view
12.5 mm × 10 mm
Depth of field
5 mm (±2.5 mm)
120 mm
Illumination1 ring (8 LEDs)

VM11-2 stand-off

RVP stand-off - VM11-2

Stand-off is described as the distance required between the bottom of the vision module and the part feature to ensure optimum metrology performance.

Vision modules have different stand-off distances to allow the inspection of a variety of parts. The stand-off distance for the VM11-2 module is 120 mm.

VM11-2 field of view

RVP field of view - VM11-2

The field of view for each vision module determines the size of feature than can be inspected using a single exposure when the RVP system is at the correct stand-off distance.

The VM11-2 field of view is 12.5 mm × 10 mm; any feature that requires inspection must be within these dimensions to be captured with a single exposure.

RVP module depth of field

The depth of field is the acceptable tolerance range for the focal point of the vision system that will still provide accurate metrology performance.

If the stand-off distance means that the focal point of the vision probe is outside of the 5 mm depth of field tolerance, then a reduction in metrology performance will be apparent.

RVP vision module - depth of field
A2.5 mm
B5 mm
  • User guide:  RVPUser guide: RVP

Part number

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NOTE: Please visit the REVO-2 page for a full list of REVO-2 system and associated product part numbers.