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Care of equipment for the PH10 system

Care of equipment

Renishaw probes and associated systems are precision tools used for obtaining precise measurements and must therefore be treated with care.

Changes to Renishaw products

Renishaw reserves the right to improve, change or modify its hardware or software without incurring any obligations to make changes to Renishaw equipment previously sold.


Renishaw plc warrants its equipment for a limited period (as set out in our Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale) provided that it is installed exactly as defined in associated Renishaw documentation.

Prior consent must be obtained from Renishaw if non-Renishaw equipment (e.g. interfaces and/or cabling) is to be used or substituted. Failure to comply with this will invalidate the Renishaw warranty.

Claims under warranty must be made from authorised service centres only, which may be advised by the supplier or distributor.


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