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PHC10-2 Fuses

Fuse replacement

There are two 2 Amp (T) slow-blow fuses which are used for all voltages (one is a spare). Fuses are replaced as follows:

1. Disconnect the mains power.
2. Use a screwdriver to lever out the fuseholder to reveal the fuse.
3. Remove the fuse and replace it with a 2 Amp (T) HBC 250 V 20 mm x 5 mm fuse, rating as IEC 127.
4. Replace the fuseholder.
5. Reconnect the mains power.

WARNING: Make sure that only fuses of the specified type are used for replacement.

This equipment must be connected to a protective earth conductor via a three core mains (line) cable. The mains plug shall be inserted only into a socket outlet provided with a protective earth contact. The protective earth contact shall not be negated by the use of an extension cable without protective conductor.

WARNING: Any interruption of the protective conductor may make the equipment dangerous. Make sure that the grounding requirements are strictly observed.