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Connecting the UCC T3 to the host PC

USB connection

Renishaw's UCCsuite software includes all the necessary drivers and utilities to permit the system to be commissioned and operate under the I++ DME interface protocol. The UCC T3 communicates to the host PC using a USB1.1 communication link. This limits the maximum USB cable distance between the units to 5 m.

Software installation

The UCC T3 controller is supported on UCCsuite version 4.4.5 software or later.

  • The UCCsuite software is automatically installed when the application is run
  • The software can be obtained online at or from your local Renishaw supplier
  • Follow the prompts to install the UCCsuite software by clicking on the “Next or “Yes” buttons as appropriate
  • When the “Installation successfully completed” screen appears, you are ready to connect your UCC T3

Earth bonding scheme to achieve an adequate level of protective earthing and RF immunity

UCC T3 earth bonding scheme