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UCC T3 controller troubleshooting

Fatal faults

The UCC T3 controller monitors a number of machine input / output signals and internal operational functions. If any of these reach a defined level where the system believes it is dangerous to operate, a fatal fault will be applied.

When a fatal fault is detected it is not possible to engage the servo system. There may be other faults that prevent the CMM from engaging. Not all are reported.

Reported fatal fault

Possible cause

Emergency stop

  • Emergency stop system activated
  • Internal failure of servo power amplifier

Air pressure

  • Air pressure low


  • Crash switch activated

Scale failure

  • Scale readhead failed
  • Scale “mis-count”
  • Scale not connected


  • The position demand has exceeded an internal defined limit
  • Failure of a tacho feedback
  • Incorrect scale resolution

Over-temperature shutdown

The UCC T3 unit is designed for continuous power of up to 800 W. The unit will allow a supply current consumption of up to 12 A, which at 80 V is 960 W for a short period of time (1 second).

If this is sustained for a prolonged period, or the unit is not used in an adequate environment such as poor ventilation or high ambient temperature, the unit will disengage the motors to protect itself. An over-temperature warning will be reported.