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Fitting the TFP to the MRS rail

The TFP is designed to be fitted onto the Renishaw modular rack system.

1.  Position two M6 D-nuts as desired within the MRS rail.

2.  Use the M6 x 20 mm screws to secure the TFP in place using the supplied 5 mm hexagonal key.

3.  The PICS cable PL24 connects from the TFP to the PICS connector on the SPA3 amplifier, UCC BI interface or UCC AI interface according to your installation.

The TFP is supplied with a low force TP20 module which should be used at all times on the TFP.

There are no special functional requirements for the location of the TFP on the rail but it is worth considering the routing of the PICS cable and it is good practice to locate it near to the SFA calibration artefacts. Locating the port is a manual process and care should be taken when using the joystick to avoid collision with the counter balance arms of probes in adjacent ports. Similarly, safe move points should be chosen so that the probe / holder / module configuration has a clear path to the TFP for the calibration process.