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Fitting the SFA to the MRS2 rail / leg

The SFAs are designed to be fitted onto the Renishaw modular rack system.

It is recommended that they are attached to the MRS2 rail using the following procedure, where it is assumed that the MRS2 system is correctly installed. For full details, please refer to the MRS2 modular rack system installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-5255).

1. Place the SFA artefact within the slot of the SFAH holder. When the holes are aligned use a 1 mm hexagonal key and two M2 × 10 screws to secure the SFA within the SFAH.
Fitting SFA to MRS2 - single and triple - 1

2. Slot the holder into the SFA extension plate, align the holes and fasten together using a 5 mm hexagonal key and two M6 × 12 screws.

Fitting SFA to MRS2 - single and triple - 2 and 3

NOTE: This angle selection allows for calibration to be completed with all surface finish module types.

3. The resulting assembly can now be attached to an MRS2 rail or leg using the SFAH-M calibration mount. The SFAH-M has a hole pattern that enables the calibration artefact to be orientated at the following angles; 20˚, 70˚, 110˚, 160˚, 200˚, 250˚, 290˚, 340˚.

The ability to adjust the orientation of the artefacts means that all surface finish modules, and associated geometries, can be calibrated.

To attach the assembly to the SFAH-M component, align the holes accordingly then use a 6 mm hexagonal key and two M8 × 30 screws to fasten in place.
Fitting SFA to MRS2 - single and triple - 4

Installing the artefact assembly onto the MRS2 rail / leg

When satisfied with the plate set-up, position two M6 D-nuts as desired within the MRS2 rail or leg. Pass the M6 × 12 screws through the universal calibration plate, align with previously placed D-Nuts and then fasten using a 5 mm hexagonal key.

Fitting to the MRS2 rail

Fitting SFA to MRS2 - single and triple - 5 and 6

Fitting to the MRS2 leg

Fitting SFA to MRS2 - single and triple - 7 and 8

Fitting the SFAH-1 / SFAH-2 to the OFA

  1. Align the SFAH-1 / SFAH-2 with the appropriate mounting holes of the OFA and secure each one using 2 M6 × 20 screws and the 5 mm hexagonal key (supplied).
Fitting SFA to OFA - 1
Fitting SFA to OFA - 2
Fitting SFA to OFA - 3
2. The OFA can be fastened to the bed of the CMM using the supplied adaptors.