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Manually mounting / removing the SFP2 probe from REVO

To manually mount or remove the probe from the REVO head you need to:

  1. Align the front of the head with the probe (look at the "Renishaw" engraving on the front of probe or alignment marks as applicable).
  2. Carefully align the probe to the head, allowing the magnetic attraction to gently connect the kinematic joints.
  3. Gently rotate the probe to ensure correct location.
  4. To remove, securely hold the probe and gently tilt to break the kinematic joints.
Manually mounting_removing SFP2 probe from REVO-2

WARNING: Avoid touching the probe (including counter balance arms), stylus holders and other modules when the REVO-2 head LEDs are both green and the head is ready for measurement. Green LEDs indicate that the head is engaged and the controller has a valid probe calibration.