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Front panel LED displays

Front panel LED displays

To aid troubleshooting, the UCC MMI system has six status LEDs which are detailed below.

UCC MMI - front panel





Power on

LED_System ready

System ready



LED_Probe seated

Probe seated



UCC MMI power switched ON

Power on LED is on.

If switch-on is successful the UCC MMI proceeds to the initialisation / test sequence.

Initialisation / test

If the initialisation tests fail, then after about 15 seconds several of the above error LED configurations will indicate the reason for the failure.

NOTE: The normal state after switching the unit on is for the power LED to be lit with all other LEDs off. It only indicates failure if it remains for more than 15 seconds.

Try switching the controller off, waiting about 10 seconds, then turning it on again. If the problem persists, the unit needs attention.

If the initialisation tests are successful then the power on LED will remain lit and the error LED will start flashing. The controller is now ready for the system file to be downloaded. System file download occurs via the software connect and configure process in UCCserver.

System file downloading

During system file downloading, the 'power on' LED is on and the 'error' LED is slowly flashing.

If the system file download fails then the 'power on', 'error' and 'system ready' (flashing) LEDs will be on. In this condition, the UCC MMI waits for a system restart. Switch the controller off and wait approximately 10 seconds to switch it on again.

After a successful download, the system is ready for use and the 'power on' and 'system ready' LEDs will be on.

Probe seated LED

When the probe is not deflected the 'probe seated' LED is on.

When the probe is deflected the 'probe seated' LED is off.