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CMM host computer

The latest version of UCCsuite 4.8 is recommended for use with UCC MMI. 4.8 is compatible with:

  • Windows XP (SP3)
  • Windows XP 64 bit
  • Windows 7 (Professional)
  • Windows 7 64 bit (Professional)
  • Windows 8 Pro
  • Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

The processor speed and RAM requirements are not excessive. If the PC supports the operating system and application software, it will almost certainly support the UCC controller operation.  A minimum specification of 1 GHz processor speed and 256 MB RAM is recommended.

For UCC MMI only, one free USB port is required for the communication.  It is recommended NOT to use a USB hub because of the reduction in speed of operation these devices normally produce.

If UCC MMI is to be used with MODUS 2 please see PC requirements for MODUS 2.

The following sections detail how to initially connect and configure the communication link between the UCC MMI and the host PC that is running either the UCC utilities or metrology application software.