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Installation software

Compatible software

The UCC MMI is only compatible with UCCsuite 4.8. Please use the latest release of UCCsuite 4.8.


The UCCassist-2 software offers the following capabilities:

  • Basic machine system diagnostics
  • Operation with Renishaw's machine checking gauge, enabling the user to complete frequent volumetric accuracy tests to ensure the CMM is running within the specified operational tolerances
  • Error mapping for manual machines
  • ISO 10360-2 CMM certification

UCC MMI system components

The part numbers of the UCC MMI kits and upgrades are:

Unit part number

  • A-5331-1800 - UCC MMI

Top level kit part number

  • A-5331-1850 - UCC MMI KIT

Manual machine upgrade kits

  • A-5567-1950 - UCC MMI KIT 3M (3 m of scale + 3 encoders)
  • A-5567-1951 - UCC MMI KIT 5M (5 m of scale + 3 encoders)
  • A-5567-1960 - UCC MMI KIT NO SCALE

All kits include MODUS 2 M3 and 3-way foot switch.