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Historical database charts

Reviewing the historical results using the database charts.

The 'Database' worksheet provide a variety of charts to display the historical data stored from all the MCG program runs that have been archived.  By monitoring these charts, you will see CMM errors as trend lines over time.

The charts available are:

Chart IDDescription
Jx ( µm/m )Relative X scale error
Jy ( µm/m )Relative Y scale error
Jz ( µm/m )Relative Z scale error
X┴Y ( µrad )

XY squareness error

Y┴Z ( µrad )

YZ squareness error

Z┴X ( µrad )

ZX squareness error

Min (*1000)

Minimum radial error in µm

Max (*1000)

Maximum radial error in µm

Span (*1000)

Span of the radial error in µm