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Full calibration of a CMM's performance is time consuming and costly, using fixed length ball-ended bars or step gauges and laser measurement systems.

Renishaw's MCG (machine checking gauge) enables the rapid and effective interim checking of a CMM's performance as recommended in many international standards.  It gives a fast and automatic assessment of machine capability and can also be used for machine characterisation.

MCG tools is an Microsoft Excel workbook that manages the machine checking gauge (MCG).  MCG tools allows the user to generate a DMIS part program in order to execute the MCG test on a co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM).  It can then import the MCG data to analyze and identify whether geometrical errors exist on the CMM.  Also, the results from every MCG test can be archived in order to follow the evolution of the geometry of a CMM over time.

The major worksheets are:

SetupThe setup page is used to record the characterics of the CMM, environmental conditions and MCG.  This information is required for performing the test.
DataDisplays the calculated and target points from the results files (yourfile.DMO).  Basic calculations include Sphere locations and geometric errors.  This page also provides the option to review and record the dataset into the database.
AnalysisDisplays the planar results of the squareness and form errors.
DatabaseDisplays a list of all saved MCG database results.
Database charts Displays a historical snap-shot of min / max, spread and squareness errors over all MCG results stored in the database.