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TP200 probe body and stylus module

The kinematic coupling mechanism, connecting the probe body to the stylus module, incorporates precision ball / V groove seatings. The coupling mechanism has been tested in a wide range of environments and is highly tolerant of non-metallic dust, but regular inspection and cleaning with the CK200 material (supplied) is recommended to ensure continued high performance. Instructions for use are included with the cleaning material (Renishaw part number A-1085-0016).

The user should determine the frequency of cleaning according to the conditions of use.

Stylus balls, threads and mating faces should be cleaned with a proprietary cleaning cloth or solvent.

Stylus modules that are not in use should be stored in spare ports in the SCR200 rack or in their transport boxes.

SCR200 rack

Periodic cleaning of the rack ports, lids and outer surfaces using a proprietary cleaning cloth, is recommended to prevent contamination of the modules.