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Manual operation

To change a probe arm manually

1. Using the autojoint key, ensure that the cam slot which operates the locking mechanism is in the unlocked '1 o'clock' position (see figure below).

Cam positions:

PHS-2 manual operation

2. Place the probe arm in position, ensuring that the central pin on the head is aligned with the mating hole on the probe arm.

3. The alignment pin in the probe arm will engage and align the kinematic locations (see figure below).

Probe arm locking mechanism:

PHS-2 locking mechanism

4. Once aligned, turn the key to its locked ‘5 o'clock' position (see 'Cam positions' above).

The arm will not lock in position if the kinematics are not correctly engaged or the arm is in the wrong orientation.

Refer to the ACR2 installation guide (Renishaw part number H-1000-4045) for information on automatic probe exchange.

NOTE: For best repeatability, it is recommended that the probe should be unloaded and loaded in the autochange rack before use.