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Unloading a probe arm

  • Recall the pin datum XD, YD, ZD set in step 8 of the port datum procedure in the 'Port datum procedure' section
  • Ensure the PHS-2 has a probe arm fitted
  • Ensure the PHS-2 is oriented into the correct position to enter the port (D 0°, E ­90°)

Position relative to pin datum XD, YD, ZD:










Stand off position.

Head is in front of port and has probe arm fitted.

Head is orientated to D 0°, E­ 90°.


Transit stage.

PHS-2 contacts the ACR2 port lid. This may cause a probe trigger so the probing system should be disabled before reaching this point.


Transit stage.

Probe arm engages port location pins. Renishaw recommend that servo control of the head axes should be switched off at this point.

NOTE: Remove only 24 V servo power from the head. Do not remove logic power as this will cause head position loss.


PHS-2 fully located in ACR2 port.


ACR2 ready to activate unlock mechanism.


Probe arm unlocked from PHS-2 head.


Move PHS-2 head clear of probe arm.


Transit stage.

Servo control of the head should be re-enabled.

NOTE: The position of the head may have changed under gravity and that the head should be help in its current position before returning to the previous orientation.


Transit stage.

PHS-2 clears the ACR2 port lid.


Stand off position.

Head is in front of port with no probe arm fitted.