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Air system requirements

A clean, dry air supply to the head is required for axis motor cooling to give optimum metrology performance. This air supply must conform to the specifications laid out in the table below.

NOTE: The air supply piping should be suitably fixed to the CMM and secured around the air fixing barb on the rear of the PHS-2 male kinematic.

Air fittingSingle barb diameter 6.0 mm

To suit flexible polyurethane tubing 6 mm - 1/4 in OD

Airflow rateTypically 0.35 litres/second free air at standard atmospheric conditions
Pressure at head5 bar (70 psi) to 6 bar (90 psi) gauge at the head
Pressure sensing switchA pressure sensing switch is required to input to the PC card

Switch to open if pressure drops below 3 bar (45 psi)

Maximum allowable particle size0.1 µm (as ISO 8573­1 Class 1)
Maximum allowable concentration of particles0.1 mg/m³ at standard atmospheric conditions (as ISO 8573-1 Class 1)
Oil: Maximum allowable concentration of droplets, aerosols and vapours0.01 mg/m³ of the air at standard atmospheric conditions (as ISO 8573-1 Class 1)