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Mounting TCR20 onto the CMM

NOTE: To minimise the machine volume lost it is recommended that the TCR20 is mounted as close as possible to the extreme edge of the CMM's operating envelope.

1. Fix the rack base to the CMM bed using the appropriate fixing screw. Depending upon the size of screw required it may be necessary to also use a washer.

Fixing TCR20 base to CMM

2. Fit the TCR20 leg into the base and orientate the rack. Secure the rack in the correct orientation by tightening the three grubscrews that are located in the rack base.

Securing TCR20 leg to base

TCR20 alignment and change routine

The following routines are handled through UCCserver for TCR20:

  • Alignment routine
  • Put down and pick up routine
  • Safe position