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TP20 introduction

This installation and user's guide supports the following Renishaw products:

  • TP20 touch-trigger probe system which includes the probe body and probe module (inhibit and non-inhibit versions)
  • MCR20 probe module change rack (automatic operation)
  • TCR20 probe module change rack (automatic operation)

The Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger probe is a 5-way or 6-way kinematic probe with the facility to change stylus configurations without the need for re-qualification. A direct replacement for the industry-proven Renishaw TP2, the TP20 can be easily retrofitted into existing TP2 applications to bring this additional facility to both manual and DCC co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

The TP20 comprises a two-piece design – a probe body (with or without magnetic actuation device) and detachable probe modules. TP20 probe modules can be stored in the MCR20 where automatic changing of the probe module(s) is possible under measurement program control. The TCR20 rack should be used for TP20 probe module changing with a PH20 system.

Forming part of Renishaw's comprehensive CMM touch-trigger probe range, the TP20 is fully compatible with all Renishaw M8 probe heads, including those fitted with the Renishaw autojoint incorporating Renishaw's PAA range of adaptors and extension bars. Wherever necessary, probe reach may be increased in M8 applications by use of the Renishaw PEL range of extension bars.

Further information on these products may be obtained from Renishaw's website.

TP20 with MCR20 and TCR20