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PH10 Compatible Probes

M8 touch-trigger probes

This range of probes utilises the M8 bush for mounting to the head. These can be fitted directly onto the PH10T head, but when used with the PH10M or PH10MQ heads, one of the autojoint to M8 bush extension bars or the PAA1 adaptor must be used.




User Guide

TP2-5W13 mm

Universal probe for DCC and manual CMMs



25 mm

Universal probe for DCC and manual CMMs



13.2 mm

Universal probe for DCC and manual CMMs with module changing



13.2 mm

Universal probe with strain gauges for DCC CMMs.

Up to 100 mm stylus carrying capability


* An autojoint version (TP6A) is also available

Multiwire (Autojoint) Probes

This range of probes is compatible with the PH10M and PH10MQ heads only and utilise the Renishaw multiwired autojoint connection to the head.

ProbeApplicationDiameterWeightUser's Guide
SP25MHigh speed scanning probe25 mm

Body 65 g

SM25-1 35 g

SM25-2 40 g

SM25-3 49 g

TM25-20 40 g

TP7MUniversal probe with strain gauges for DCC CMMs25 mm85 g (without stylus)H-1000-2010
SP600M*Analogue contact scanning probe50 mm216 g (without stylus)H-1000-5175
OTP6MLaser non-contact optical trigger probe49 mm253 g (without stylus)H-1000-5007

Probes in this range require comprehensive integration with your CMM.

* When using a PH10MQ with SP600M, a PEM25 extension bar is required to achieve A = 97.5° or A = 105° in all B-axis positions.