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PH10 Probe Extension Bars

Renishaw manufactures a comprehensive range of extension bars and adaptors to allow increased component penetration.

There are three types in the range:

• Autojoint to M8 bush (PAA series)
• Autojoint to autojoint (PEM series)
• M8 thread to M8 bush (PEL series)

Autojoint to M8 bush

These extension bars connect directly to the autojoint of the PH10M or PH10MQ head and terminate in an M8 bush. This permits the use of two-wire touch-trigger probes.

PAA132 mmSteel57 g
PAA2144 mmAluminium85 g
PAA3300 mmAluminium144 g

The probe is fitted to the extension by hand and tightened by use of the S1 ‘C' spanner as shown.

PH10 user guide - figure 12

The S1 spanner is designed to fail before damage can occur to the mechanical joint between the two parts. Using the S1 spanner, fully hand-tighten the probe body into the M8 bush (0.3 Nm to 0.5 Nm).

Autojoint to autojoint

These extension bars are compatible with the PH10M and PH10MQ heads. They allow direct connection to the head via the autojoint and terminate in an autojoint. This permits use of a multiwired probe.

PEM2525 mmAluminium60 g
PEM150 mmAluminium64 g
PEM2100 mmAluminium93 g
PEM3200 mmAluminium147 g

M8 thread to M8 bush

These extension bars can be used directly with the PH10T head, and also with the PH10M and PH10MQ heads using the PAA1 adaptor.

PEL150 mmAluminium24 g
PEL2100 mmAluminium57 g
PEL3200 mmAluminium86 g
PEL4300 mmAluminium135 g