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UCC dynamic mapping tool

The UCC dynamic mapping tool (DMT) enables laser error mapping to be run dynamically on a CMM

This speeds up the process of data gathering and allows more data to be collected, ultimately giving a higher quality error map in a shorter time.


The UCC dynamic mapping kit contains:

UCC dynamic mapping tool'Y' adaptor cable5 m USB cable
UCC DMTY adaptor cableUSB cable

'Y' adaptor and the micro USB cable connect to the DMT as below:

DMT with UCC2-2 and SPA3
  • The DMT can only be used from UCCsuite 5.1 or later
  • The DMT is compatible with the XL80 only

The DMT allows UCCassist-2 to simultaneously record the scale positions of the CMM and the feedback of the XL-80. When the DMT is connected to the PC during the setup process in UCCassist-2, parameters to allow the user to specify the motion of the CMM during the data capture are enabled as below. These settings can be adjusted from default to suit the CMM.

DMT run configuration

The DMT can be used for any mapping data collection run where the XL-80 is used. It does not work with straightness mapping with a straight edge, or data collection using Wyler gauges.


Part number

UCC dynamic mapping tool kit (DMT)


UCC dynamic mapping tool kit (DMT) RBE


UCC dynamic mapping tool Y cable


USB A to USB B cable (5 m)