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Y-cable adaptor kit

The Y-cable adaptor kit was introduced to enable the use of a single high-speed communications cable with REVO

  • Y-cable adaptor kit componentY-cable adaptor kit componentPreviously it was necessary to install two cables to connect between the REVO head and the UCC2-2 and SPA2-2
  • The Y-cable adaptor kit contains two components (shown below), that connect to each end of the high speed communications cable
Y-cable adaptor kit illustration

High speed communications cable

  • The high speed communications cable provides a single, high quality connection for the purpose of carrying the high data rates required by 5-axis systems
  • To provide greater integrity communications, the maximum recommended cable lengths are:
  • PH20 installations - 25 m

Part number

Y-adaptor cable kit


High-speed communications cable (15 m)


High-speed communications cable (25 m)


High-speed communications cable (30 m) - REVO ONLY