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Head comms signal booster

The head comms signal booster has been designed for installations of PH20 and REVO-2 where cable runs of greater than 25 m are required

  • PH20 cable booster boxOne HCSB is required for each additional run of 25 m
  • The HCSB is powered from the machine cable so does not require an additional power supply – it simply connects between two machine cables
  • Functionally, the HCSB passes the power and motor connection for the probe head straight through and decodes and retransmits the information

NOTE: The HCSB is only compatible with PH20 and REVO-2.

High speed communications cable

  • The high speed communications cable provides a single, high quality connection for the purpose of carrying the high data rates required by 5-axis systems
  • To provide greater integrity communications, the maximum recommended cable lengths are:
  • PH20 and REVO-2 installations - 25 m

Part number

Head comms signal booster (HCSB)


High-speed communications cable (15 m)


High-speed communications cable (25 m)


High-speed communications cable (30 m) - REVO ONLY