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ATOM DX™: Performance in miniature

June 2019

Renishaw, a world-leading metrology company, will launch its smallest incremental optical encoder with digital output direct from the readhead, eliminating the need for bulky interfaces. This new high-performance encoder features resolutions down to 2.5 nm, low Sub-Divisional Error (SDE) and low jitter.

The ATOM DX encoder builds on Renishaw's ATOM™ miniature encoder series, first launched in 2014, and incorporates advanced interpolation technology originally developed for the VIONiC™ and QUANTiC™ encoder families.

ATOM DX readheads combine this proven onboard interpolation with the advanced filtering optics of the original ATOM series. The readheads are compatible with the ATOM series of high accuracy encoder scales with a choice of either 20 µm or 40 µm scale pitch.

The encoder is also available with the optional ADTi-100 Advanced Diagnostic Tool and ADT View software to give in-depth diagnostics, such as remote monitoring, visual and audio indication of signal size, DRO output, Lissajous output and the ability to save data in multiple common file formats. The diagnostic tool is ideally suited to aid optimisation of the encoder setup and support in-field fault finding for the most demanding of applications.

The ATOM DX encoder series is a range of high-performance encoders offering the smallest system size of any Renishaw digital encoder and also a top-exit cable option to maximise space-saving potential. The combination of miniature size, digital quadrature output direct from the readhead and Renishaw's market proven filtering optics create a powerful foundation for the building blocks of a motion system.

ATOM DX encoders have CE approval and are manufactured by Renishaw, using strict quality-controlled processes that are certified to ISO 9001:2008. Like all Renishaw encoders, ATOM DX encoders are backed by a dedicated global sales and support network.

Renishaw will be exhibiting its range of encoder technologies from July 9th–July 11th at Semicon West, San Francisco, USA. Delegates are encouraged to visit booth 1667 for more information about Renishaw encoder products and examples of how Renishaw has solved the metrology challenges of its customers.

Download the ATOM DX data sheet ahead of its official launch, July 9th.


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