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Interferometric laser encoders

Laser interferometer encoders provide the ultimate accuracy in linear position feedback.

Renishaw provides high performance interferometric laser encoders solutions for OEM machine builders, ranging from large aerospace centres through to the high precision semiconductor industry.

Why choose Renishaw laser encoders?

RLE fibre optic laser

The RLE system is a unique, advanced homodyne laser interferometer system specifically designed for position feedback applications.

Quick to set-up and easy to align

RLE uses optical fibre to deliver the laser beam directly to remote launch units which also contain the interferometer optics and detector. This minimises integration time and system complexity.

High resolution

The RLE can easily achieve an inherently high resolution with minimum SDE (interpolation error).

Exceptional performance

High accuracy and cutting-edge signal processing unit, the RLE provides the user with sub-nanometre resolution capability at velocities of up to 2 m/sec for axis lengths of up to 4 m.

HS20 long range laser

The HS20 laser head, in combination with an external linear optics kit, forms a non-contact interferometric laser encoder system for long axis, high accuracy linear position feedback applications.

Capable of working in harsh environments

The robust anodised aluminium enclosure enables HS20 to operate in a harsh machine shop environment,

High performance

HS20 allows position to be determined over a range of up to 60 m at a speed as high as 2 m/s and with a resolution at a nanometre level.

Easy to set up

Robust and easy-to-use alignment mechanism enables users to set up HS20 with ease.

Next steps

A position encoder, such as those made by Renishaw, converts linear or rotary motion into an electrical signal that provides information on position, speed, and direction of motion.

Position encoders can employ a range of different sensing technologies: Renishaw specialises in optical and laser encoder systems. RLS, a Renishaw associate company, specialises in magnetic encoders.

Find your motion control solution from our range of high quality optical, magnetic and laser encoders from Renishaw.

Position and motion control