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Interferometric laser encoders

Laser interferometer encoders provide the ultimate accuracy in linear position feedback.

A leader in the field of high performance homodyne interferometric laser encoders.

Renishaw has almost 25 years of experience in providing interferometry based laser encoder solutions to OEM machine builders, ranging from large aerospace centres through to the high precision semiconductor industry.

Fibre optic laser encoders

The RLE system is a unique, advanced homodyne laser interferometer system specifically designed for position feedback applications.

Each RLE system consists of an RLU laser unit and one or two RLD10 detector heads, the model of which is dependent upon the requirements of the specific application.

Long range laser encoders

The Renishaw HS20 laser head, in combination with an external linear optics kit, forms a non-contact interferometric laser encoder system for long axis, high accuracy linear position feedback applications.