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Raman spectroscopy

Precision engineered Raman spectroscopy systems made for experts who demand fast and accurate data.

With a relentless focus on quality and performance, we develop and deliver a range of Raman instruments and technologies that stand at the leading-edge of innovation.

Trusted by scientists and engineers around the world, our research grade systems reliably provide the best chemical data in the shortest possible time.

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Our products

We produce a wide range of Raman spectroscopy instruments including microscopes, bench-top analysers and combined systems. Find out more about our products.

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Raman pharmaceuticals

Raman applications

Raman spectroscopy is being successfully applied to the analysis of a wide range of materials and systems. Find out more about our application areas and how we can help with your requirements.

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Raman Connect

Discover a selection of the latest news, feature articles, videos, presentations and opinion pieces to help you explore the possibilities of Raman spectroscopy and find out how it can help you.

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Key technologies

We are strongly committed to research and development. Our spectroscopy products incorporate many patented innovations. Discover the core technologies used in our Raman systems.

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Raman made by Renishaw

We are experts in metrology, complex motion control, healthcare, spectroscopy and additive manufacturing. See how our own technologies and products are used during the design, testing and manufacture of our Raman products, and how this helps us to achieve the highest levels of performance and sensitivity.

Support, training and resources

Whatever your Raman analysis requirements, our team of scientists and engineers are here to provide you with expert advice as well as product, technical, and applications support.

Raman software training


Realise the full potential of your Raman system and make use of all its capabilities using our range of training options.

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Raman service and installation

Service and installation

Our service team will install and test your system to ensure the optimum performance of your instrument from the outset.

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Raman applications support

Applications support

Our specialist teams work solely with Raman products, and are ready to help you get the best out of your Raman instrument.

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Discover our wide range of product, application and technical information available to download.

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Raman online demos

Online demos

See our Raman systems in action from the comfort of your home or office. Contact us today for more information.

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