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Equator™ 500 gauging system

Renishaw's Equator™ 500 – versatile shopfloor gauging and intelligent process control for larger parts

The larger Equator 500 system enables the gauging of larger parts, with a working volume of 500 mm in diameter and up to 400 mm in height.

Both Equator 300 and 500 gauging systems are accurate between a range of 5 ºC and 50 ºC at any rate of temperature change, and are capable of scanning speeds in excess of 200 mm/s.

Every system is compatible with simple-to-use Organiser operator software, EZ-IO software for automation, and IPC (intelligent process control) software for updating tool offsets on CNC machine tools.

Larger measuring volume

The Equator 500 has a gauging volume of 500 mm diameter in the X/Y plane and 250 mm in Z when used with the SM25-2 scanning module. This can be expanded to 400 mm in Z with the SM25-3 scanning module, which allows styli up to 200 mm in length to reach many more features. The base of Equator 500 supports workpiece and fixturing with a total weight limit of 100 kg.

Typical applications include the manufacture of car and truck transmission and engine casings, drive-train parts like conrods and differential housings, suspension castings, pressed parts, valves and pumps.

Equator™ 500 working volume image

Accuracy with rapid temperature changes, now over a 45 ºC range

Climatic conditions can result in variable daily and seasonal temperature cycles. For example, a cold machine shop early in the morning can increase in temperature later on due to both external conditions and machinery heating up. The Equator system has been proven to cope with this by re-mastering, meaning that accurate gauging can start as soon as the first part has been produced and continue regardless of how conditions change.

New Equator™ 500 - Alongside Equator™ 300

Automatic update of tool offsets directly from Equator 300 and 500 systems

The Equator range is compatible with new IPC software which allows constant monitoring and automatic adjustment of a machining operation, keeping part dimensions close to nominal and well within process control limits. This correction of process drift improves part quality and manufacturing capability, and reduces scrap. The proximity of the Equator gauge to the CNC process allows adjustment at the point of manufacture, avoiding time delays or reliance on finished part (tailgate) inspection. An Equator gauging system can be connected to one or multiple CNC machine tool controllers.

New Equator™ 500 - Updating using IPC alongside Equator™ 300

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