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FixtureBuilder software support

Access training and support videos and documents for FixtureBuilder software.

FixtureBuilder training and support files

Renishaw's FixtureBuilder software creates fixturing set-ups to provide documentation and assist off-line programming for CMM, Equator™ gauging and vision inspection.

To download the free trial of FixtureBuilder please go to the FixtureBuilder software download page.


View the frequently asked questions for FixtureBuilder 8.0

My 30 days license has expired, can I have an extension?

Yes, its possible. Just send us a request to Renishaw FixtureBuilder Support with justifications.

I have a new PC, how can I transfer my license?

To transfer a license to a new PC (you must be online during this process): On the old PC, run the license management tool, remove Licenses, click next, answer yes to the prompts (and save the file). Then, on the new PC, you can use the license management tool and then activate a software license, to enter your serial number and codeword to activate the license.

Can I create a custom component?

You will need additional access and training. Please email us at and we will be able to help you.

If the network licence manager (FB-NLM) and FB-CU licence is purchased, I understand it could be utilised via multiple PCs, but only one at a time. Is this correct?

Yes this is correct, 1 x FB-CU = 1 x person at a time.

What is “large assembly mode”?

Large assembly mode is a view-only (no shape editing) mode, that is lighter and faster for viewing large files/assemblies. By default, it is set at 5000 parts but can be turned off or edited in the options menu.

The software or my computer is too slow when I import a complex or large part?

Please verify that your computer meets our system requirements:
Renishaw FixtureBuilder product family.

After this, you can modify the Import options as shown below:

Try to import with these options:

How do I get a CAD model of a part?

1. Open FixtureBuilder

2. Drag and drop the correct product in FixtureBuilder scene:

3. Click on export part:

4. Select the desired format, rename the file and click save:


  • Installation & user's guide:  FixtureBuilder software Installation & user's guide: FixtureBuilder software

    This document provides the answers to the frequently asked questions regarding the software download, installation and license activation. As well as the use of catalogues, creating a fixture, generating the fixture 'Build-It' instructions and exporting a fixture.

Training and support videos