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Metrology fixture table

Renishaw fixturing tables offer a cost-effective solution for fixturing a wide range of parts for use with any portable CMM, white light or laser system. Perfect for automotive body parts.

Metrology fixture table

The table top is created using a cast aluminium plate, supported with rigid aluminium XTension legs that can withstand large and heavy parts. The table's modular construction provides endless flexibility to mount portable CMMs. The fixture plate can also be ordered with a black anodise finish to minimise reflections for optical inspection.


Every fixture plate is secured to the metrology table frame with mounting holes, adding to the stability and rigidity of the table. This also allows users to mount heavy parts to the table without the top plate flexing or distorting.


Each table is fitted with levelling feet for easy table height adjustment. Casters can be specified with integrated self-levelling feet for easy manoeuvrability around your metrology inspection area.

Increased flexibility

If you are checking large, heavy parts, our M8 range is perfectly suited to this requirement with plates available in 15 mm and 30 mm thread spacing. Our M6 range, available with 12.5 mm and 25 mm thread spacing, provides increased flexibility and component location options.


The fixture plates are precision ground and hard coat anodised to resist scratching and increase durability. All plates come with alpha-numeric labelling as standard, for correctly documenting each fixture setup.

Fixturing components

Fixture your parts using individual fixturing components or those from a component kit. Renishaw continues to engineer and design new and innovating components to help you make fixturing parts as efficient as possible. Purchase fixturing components online.

To suit you

Metrology fixture tables are available in any size to suit your requirements. Please contact us to discuss a solution to fulfil your application needs.

No down time

Our metrology tables come fully assembled, just unbox and start measuring.

Can't see what you're looking for?

Contact our design team to discuss your metrology fixture table requirements. Choose from our existing range of metrology tables or create a custom metrology fixture table. Ask us for a quote today by contacting us via the 'Next steps' links.


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