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CMM fixtures

Renishaw's CMM fixtures can improve the throughput, reproducibility and accuracy of your inspection process by providing quick and repeatable fixturing set-ups for your components.

CMM fixtures

The Renishaw CMM fixtures range includes a wide choice of standard size base plates and an extensive selection of components with M4, M6, M8 or 1/4-20 threaded fittings. Whether you are inspecting parts for aerospace, automotive, electronics, industrial or medical applications, Renishaw can provide a complete fixturing solution for any part regardless of its size, shape or material.

Fixturing solutions can be assembled very quickly to increase throughput and avoid delays in inspection. Each fixture plate has an alphanumeric grid pattern and each fixturing component has a clearly labelled part number, enabling easy documentation of the set-up. The same set-up can be quickly and accurately reproduced for subsequent inspections; this can be especially helpful when a single kit is used in multiple applications or where there are multiple users. Identical fixturing set-ups are important to improve the reproducibility and accuracy of inspection by removing variation from the process.

CMM fixture kits

Renishaw CMM fixtures can be purchased in preconfigured kits and additional components can be purchased separately. A kit consists of one base plate and a comprehensive set of components. The type of parts you are going to fixture will determine which kit you choose. Renishaw offers two kit types available in M4, M6, M8 and 1/4-20 thread sizes:

  • Clamping kit
  • Magnetic and clamping kit (contains magnets for fixturing steel and other ferrous parts)

For more information download the Technical specification: CMM fixtures or contact your local sales office.

Base plates

Base plates are available in sizes up to 1500 mm x 3000 mm and 60 in × 120 in. Our base plates are made from cast aluminium coated with NiTuff® hard coat anodise to resist wear and scratching. You can secure the plate to your machine with Renishaw's plate clamps (a pair of plate clamps are included with all standard plates up to 600 mm x 600 mm). Alternatively, you can order your plate with mounting holes specific to your machine's granite.

Fixture components

Fixturing components are easily adjustable and designed to hold components firmly with the minimum necessary force to avoid damage or distortion. The wide range of parts available offers flexibility when setting up a fixture to ensure a clear probe path for inspection.

A selection of different preconfigured components sets are available in imperial and metric thread sizes. Alternatively, fixturing components can be purchased individually. Take a look at the range on our web shop or contact your local sales representative.


Did you know?

Custom fixtures can be designed and created by Renishaw's in-house design team. Whether you need to increase throughput by measuring multiple parts at once or have features which are difficult to reach using our modular range, we can provide a custom solution for you.

Complete a custom request form or contact us via the 'Next steps' links.

CMM application gallery

We also offer a wide range of CMM probing systems and styli.