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neuroguide™ DBS electrode delivery system

neuroguide DBS electrode delivery system allows verification of expected deep brain stimulation (DBS) electrode position relative to targeted anatomy using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

What can the neuroguide system be used for?

The neuroguide DBS electrode delivery system can be integrated into your existing practice, allowing you to opt for a DBS procedure with precise lead placement accuracy and efficient procedure times.

The neuroguide system is designed for use in deep brain stimulation (DBS) procedures to enable accurate placement of electrodes into the brain. It includes a radio-opaque stylette that can be used for perioperative verification using MRI.

The system is compatible with both the Elekta AB Leksell® and the Integra Radionics CRW™ stereotactic frames.

The neuroguide guide tube remains in place so you can deliver positional accuracy without having to repeat the full stereotactic procedure, saving time and money, whilst benefiting you and your patient.


The neuroguide™ system allows for accurate and safe DBS implantation. It provides clear verification of DBS implant position with minimal artefact, reduces operative time and haemorrhage risk, and in the event of a revision allows for re-insertion without having to repeat the stereotactic procedure

Dr. Julian Evans
Consultant neurosurgeon
Salford Royal Hospital, UK

How does the neuroguide system work?

neuroguide™ DBS electrode delivery system

The kit is made up of two parts:

  • the stylette is the short-term implant that is used to verify brain target position radiologically so that an electrode can be inserted to the target position.
  • the guide tube is the long term implant where the threaded area is bonded to the skull. The guide tube extends into the brain and acts as a conduit for the introduction of an electrode.

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