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OPTiMUM™ diamond styli range to be showcased at MACH 2020

10th February 2020

Global precision engineering and manufacturing technologies company, Renishaw, will showcase its new OPTiMUM™ diamond styli range at MACH 2020 (20th - 24th April).

The OPTiMUM diamond styli range has been specifically developed for use within metrology applications that require a hard-wearing stylus. The principal advantage of its diamond coated spheres is that they will maintain their roundness and will not suffer material ‘pick up' or premature wear when scanning abrasive materials or soft alloys. This provides multiple benefits including an increased working life, and reduction in recalibration and inspection downtime.

Built to order, OPTiMUM diamond coated styli can be made in multiple thread sizes and stem materials, with ball sizes from 1.5 mm up to 8 mm to suit specific applications. The range will support the increasing need for high performance and speed in scanning applications, coupled with market-leading product availability and price.

Kevin Gani, Director and General Manager of Renishaw's Styli and Fixturing Products Division, explains, “In most inspection challenges, the choice of stylus is critical. Access to workpiece features, inspection times and probe performance are all influenced by the stylus used. With over 40 years experience in producing styli for metrology applications, Renishaw is proud to launch its new OPTiMUM diamond styli range to meet the increasing needs of our global customers.”

The Renishaw styli range is comprehensive, and our in-house design team can also develop a unique custom solution to meet challenging inspection requirements.

For further information on OPTiMUM diamond styli, visit us at MACH 2020 or


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