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QuickLoad™ rail system

Increase throughput, save time and improve accuracy with Renishaw's QuickLoad™ system.

Introducing the QuickLoad rail system

Taking inspiration from our QuickLoad corner (QLC) range for vision systems, Renishaw has developed the QuickLoad rail system for use with CMM applications. The QuickLoad rail system allows for increased speed and flexibility, while maintaining repeatability and reproducibility when loading and locating base plates onto a CMM. The QuickLoad rail system will maximise your ability to inspect and release parts swiftly.

Fast, effective and accurate

The QuickLoad rail system is rapid, easy and repeatable, allowing the user to set up parts for inspection on multiple plates, and load them to the rail efficiently to maximise throughput. Due to the simplicity of its application, it requires no additional training, so you will be up and running without disruption to your inspection process.

The specially designed QuickLoad base plates locate to the QuickLoad rail, on either side, using quick release magnets and location pins. This design ensures the plates are located and secured for maximum throughput and unrivalled repeatability.

Flexible, yet robust

The QuickLoad rail's versatile system allows for flexibility when setting up your parts for measurement to provide a robust workholding solution.

The design of the rail maximises the available measuring volume on your CMM. The rail can be located and secured to the CMM's granite on the left, centre, right or to an existing modular base plate. This allows multiple plates and configurations to be used, that utilise one or both sides of the QuickLoad rail.

Leading quality

When used with Renishaw's extensive selection of labelled modular fixturing components and FixtureBuilder software, the alpha-numeric plates enable the user to set up parts the same way every time.

The QuickLoad rail system benefits from Renishaw's industry leading Nituff® hard-coat anodised, aluminium QuickLoad base plates which are available in thread size M6, with M4, M8 and 1/4-20 options available upon request. Various kit options are available with the potential to combine multiple plate sizes and configurations for a truly flexible approach.


Next steps

Visit the Renishaw Web shop or contact your local Renishaw sales team today to order your QuickLoad rail system and improve your inspection efficiency.


QuickLoad™ rail application gallery